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Empath and intuitive people seem to have more struggles.

There’s the obvious of feeling everyone’s energy and having hunches that are too hard to ignore.

There are the ramifications of those two challenges that include but are not limited to; weight gain, fibromyalgia symptoms, feeling fatigued, overwhelm, needing to detach a while, feeling emotional, feeling numb, body aches and so much more.

Let’s explore why this might happen to begin with and the three biggest struggles.

I’ve found that empaths get “feelings” about what people feel, and Intuitive people often get hunches as to what will happen. You might be both, and many who have one have the other. 

Struggle One

The empath will get drained from the negativity around them, including society stressors such as the pandemic, politics, and unjust behaviors of others.

Struggle Two

The empath will too easily pick up on loved ones’ struggles and feel them deeply, on top of their own struggles.

Struggle Three

The empath has their own struggles and blocks and might be wrong sometimes and give energy to something that does not exist.


This is going to sound incredibly simplistic. The solution is creating more boundaries and learning that you can surrender to not knowing sometimes. Being an empath is both a gift and a curse.

It often stems from abuse or neglect.

For instance, if you had to monitor others when you were a child such as “When dad does this he might get emotionally distant or not show up for custody exchange, but when mom does that, she also might just get busy and ignore me” is an example. Another example is, “When dad drinks he is really angry and scary. When mom is depressed, she locks herself away in her room for days”. 

We learn to monitor others to stay in survival and thrive; that’s a hard habit to break. As an adult, it’s called being an empath sometimes but it might also be called coping with trauma.

Thus the solution is to focus on yourself, focus on your boundaries, and most of all, the #1 solution is to focus on surrendering to “not knowing”.

This is the most important. You don’t have to know if someone feels a certain kind of way and you don’t need to navigate your emotions around their moods even if they are feeling “a certain kinda way”. You can take solace in the radical idea that you can be blissfully detached from reacting to others’ ever-moving moods and feelings.  

This will help you to find more balance, peace, and health in your day-to-day life – yet warning – it won’t be easy at first but it will be very worthwhile.

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