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Are you tired of being nickel and dimed to death?

Are you ready for a change?

Here are three finance resolutions that will help get your mind and money in order in 2022.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to save more, spend less, and finally take control of your finances.

Be Emotionally Prepared for Inflation to Stick Around

While inflation has been a fear since 2020, it is at one of its all-time decade highs, which means that it probably won’t be decreasing anytime soon. In fact, expect inflation to increase though no one knows for sure how long it will stay. Some clues that it will stick around are that housing and wage growth are higher and that we still have supply chain struggles.

Continue to save and invest, and knock bills out so that feel less of the inflation burn.

Pay Attention to Social Media; then Ignore

We learned that a tweet can cause the stock market to go up in arms and millions made overnight. We also know a simple post can cause people to impulsively sell. So, while it is important to take note of what is happening with investments and businesses on social media and the opinions of others, it is not a holy grail. Do what you feel is best, as it’s not always wise to follow the crowd.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

No pun intended, but keep your emotions in check. Money is a very emotionally charged topic and the world isn’t so easy to navigate these days. If you are feeling stressed over finances or your financial situation, you will be decreasing your quality of life; that’s a fact. Stress reduces your ability to be content, stay in the moment and it also will wear and tear on your body. Financial stress can alter your ability to manage relationships.

You can’t predict the future. But you CAN prepare for it. So, hopefully, my brief tips helped you so that in 2022 (or whenever) your financial situation is as good as possible.

Keep your emotions in check – It’s easy to get emotional when things are tough and make rash decisions or poor investments because of it; don’t let this happen.  Stay informed about what’s happening with the economy by reading news updates from trusted sources like CNBC, BBC World News, The Wall Street Journal, etc., which will help keep you calm during tumultuous times economically speaking.  Make sure that you realize that things will get tougher before they get easier.

As a financial therapist who also specializes in trauma and wellness, I would love you to stay connected so that I can share tips and strategies to inspire and support you.

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