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I used to have debilitating anxiety. Regular talk therapy didn’t work for me; hypnotherapy did. It helped me to welcome anxiety as a messenger of my subconscious. While not everyone immediately feels the benefits of anxiety, if you take the time to learn how it can help you when you experience it, you can quickly “talk yourself down” into a place of clarity and calm, usually.

Anxiety gets a bad reputation but there are some fringe benefits to help you to do just that.

Here’s just three of many.

1. Anxiety shows us what we yearn for. It gives us more clarity than you might realize.

You might have anxiety because you feel unloved or unheard- but that means you crave love or attentiveness.

2. Anxiety teaches us to let go of control.

I bet sometimes your anxiety is one of the only times you are not in control, am I correct? It’s interesting that in both psychotherapy (and Buddhism), the act of welcoming your anxiety and stress is part of the healing process.

3. Anxiety forces us to listen to our bodies.

We might finally pay attention and slow down when we physically simply can’t; a headache forces us to rest, a digestive issue forces us to eat healthier, and so on.

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