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Mind games that the narcissist uses to manipulate, triangulate and otherwise, create havoc.

Therefore, In this video, I explain some of the tactics that they use to manipulate you.

Partial Excerpts:

We’re going to talk about the five different elements, in a nutshell, the five sneaky ways that the narcissist gets in your head.

I want you to realize that all of these are going to sound so illogical. However, I understand that you can not create logic out of the illogical. You, being a sane person are going to want to make sense of it. Of course, this is what we do when we have a struggle in our lives. In brief, we want to make sense of it. We want closure. We want peace.

Not so fast. Enter, the Sneaky Narcissist.

When you are around a narcissist you will never have peace. You will never feel that they want logic to enter into anything at all ( and they don’t). I’m going to tell you the five different elements that I see always in all narcissists. We’re going to talk about how you can cope.

The narcissus doesn’t want you to have a mind of your own, and anything that you think or do is always going to seem like it’s wrong to the narcissist.

They always want to push blame.

They are not someone that can ever own anything that they do to someone else. The sneaky narcissist will hurt people all of the time and sadly, they really don’t care.

Narcissists might tell you that they care but their actions show over and over that they repeat the same behaviors.

Now, you and I, if we hurt someone we would immediately say sorry or we want to rectify it in some way. When a narcissist hurts someone they feel like they deserve to do that. They feel like they have ownership of it and in fact, they’re going to blame you.

So if they get mad at you for something silly they’re going to turn around and say that you made them do it no matter what happens in their life. No matter what kind of failure they perceive that they have, no matter what kind of limitation that they feel that they have they will make it someone else’s fault.

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Michele Paiva

Michele Paiva is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Recovery Coach and Certified Finance Educator, with 30 years experience in helping others to see their true value, and the truth under their trauma, to love themselves and springboard into a full, rich life. Rewrite your money story and take control of your financial and emotional health.

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