The #1 Financial Therapy Course for Women

to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, “hustling” to exhaustion, and putting yourself, your success, and your wellness last.

The path from debt to $5,000



The first chapters are bonus material to help you springboard your money mindset.

More about the Course

The 5K is a 4-week online learning program for values-driven women who want to learn to regain financial empowerment and understand the mind-body-money balance that is unique to women.

If you crave increased financial acumen or otherwise feel emotionally stressed and living paycheck-to-paycheck, this course is for you.


Learn to heal the past, rewrite your money story and understand why you’ve been working hard and can’t get ahead or worse, break even.


Understand how trauma and stress create physical manifestations and alter your ability to create wealth or stability. You’ll even walk/run a 5k!


Learn to erase the debt, improve credit, create a viable budget even if you feel broke, and learn saving strategies to get you ahead.

Packed with Value

What you’ll receive:

  • Four weekly actionable lessons
  • A three-month downloadable wellness journal
  • A three-month downloadable wealth planner
  • A three-month downloadable mindset journal
  • Printable mindset mantras for display
  • Printable wealth mantras for display
  • Coaching to better understand women’s unique relationship with money
  • Weekly coaching to increase your health & wealth
  • Audio for deep sleep, to increase sleep soundly while you heal
  • A virtual 5k to walk, run, yoga-or-house chore your way to winning
  • A virtual 5k printable medal and certificate of completion
  • A 5K wealth within certificate of achievement
  • Weekly live virtual office hours 

The 5K Wealth Within

  • One-Time Fee
  • Four-Week Program
  • Two Planners
  • Two Journals
  • Bonus Book Chapters
  • Display Mantras
  • Train for 5K
  • Library of 10+ Videos
  • Lifetime Virtual Office Hours for Course Questions & Feedback
  • Printable Materials are Yours to Keep, No Need to “Log In” to Access

Need More Reasons to Enroll?

This course will change your perspective and your life.

Women have unique transitions, experiences, and situations that simply are not researched or addressed enough. Often glazed over, women often feel shame, frustration, and anger, and often are suffering at the memory or current relationship of a narcissistic or toxic person.

Fact. How we were treated we begin to identify with, and that identification becomes our identity.

That identity might be that you are worthless, not good with money or you are somehow a victim. 

  • You might have been told or treated worthless, but you are worthy.
  • You might have made mistakes with money, but you can learn to make money work for you.
  • You might have been victimized but you are not a victim.

This course is about helping you heal the words and actions thrown at you, releasing the shame and feelings that somehow it is your fault that you’ve been struggling – and even if it was your behavior, we can begin to heal the motivations and fear under those behaviors.

We need to address the body-mind-wallet of your life. For this reason, we will also get you off the couch into a virtual 5K- but do not worry. I work within your limitations, just send me an email when you get started and I’ll adapt the program to you.

The #1 Financial Therapy Course for Women

to secure increased health & wealth, rewrite your money story & spend more time living the life you desire.




The first chapters are bonus material to help you springboard your money mindset.