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Journaling Ideas for Self-Help

Tell me the best way to write a journal?

Journals provide you with a comfortable environment for exploring artistic aspects and asking deeper questions. Keeping your journal is one of the easiest ways of analyzing all the content from books and online education courses. When writing something you’ve never written yourself you may be confused and find some meaning. You filter it through our understanding. It’s just yours. Whatever will appear as a neatly written line, or doodle, or mind map is the best way to keep one’s journal.

Note that I give you some examples but if you are in my support group, you can address these with me there, and the group, to help you on your healing journey.

For the sake of avoiding redundancy, even though you might be discussing this with your therapist, with me or others in our support group, or in a group, you attend near to you- you might also be journaling. So, I will only state “journaling” in the below examples but remember this is easily switched to “talk to your therapist” or “in our group”.

Here are a few types of journal ideas to help you sort your thoughts and emotions.

Morning Pages

Many women enjoy writing in the morning. Your willpower is restricted throughout the day, so using the writing technique is good before it shrinks when you perform a lot of demands. Generally, the prefrontal cortex is most active morning to morning. In other words, you have creative potential and your ego has no chance. This is most likely more favorable because you also might have been more well-rested, not stressed, and have privacy.

Planner Idea: Morning writings are more powerfully charged and hopeful usually, so look at the silver linings as solutions and create a few silver linings as a plan for your monthly journal page. At the same time, later in the day, that morning writing might seem overwhelming; that is ok, let it flow.

Inspirational quotes

Basically, quotes give people a connection and motivation to act as best they can. Quotes based on your life need not be dominated by fame. They just have a motivational effect. Simply finding and writing out one motivational quote a day or week is enough to get the positivity flowing for yourself, and sharing it all the more powerful. Do it for yourself.

Planner idea: After you write out some quotes in your journal, choose one that seems to hit a trigger for you or brings

Life milestones

Sometimes your goals in the past were simply as small as going shopping on Saturday. Other milestones might be important in the coming months. Journal what comes up for you (or discuss in-group) and you might find it surfaced because there was a deeper meaning behind it.

Planner Idea: What goals does a person, whether at home or out of school, have in order to complete and sell all of the pieces he possesses as a professional? This can be the basis of your healing in your planner.

Overcoming fear

Most fears and phobias are not always present in our minds. How can you overcome this fear to help others? Believe it or not, we are wired to help others easier than ourselves; for ourselves, we are in survival mode, but often for others we want them in thriving mode. Think of how a parent stays alert (survival) but sacrifices for their children (so they thrive).

Planner Idea: Write out your fear and pretend you are helping someone else- you’ve just made your plan, and now you can create a springboard in your planner to work on, this month.

Express gratitude

Every night, take a minute to say a grateful little moment of your life. When you write a gratitude note you will definitely realize just how thankful you really are, because you will be mindful of the small moments. If you are finding yourself struggling, then allow that to flow- and be thankful for the struggle.

Planner Idea: What do you need to work on? How can you break this down into small steps? What goal will you have based upon this idea?

Art journal

Is it possible for art journals to be creative with some ideas for them, based on a certain format? Art Journals can be used on any device by the “artist” who explores his or her creativity in an effective way. Creating an effective journal helps improve a person’s quality of life, and also helps. Learn how creating without words can help you grow in emotional health and strengthen self-expression and motivation.

Planner Idea: If you allow yourself to doodle, take time to reflect on what you are feeling and what the doodle or art is expressing. At that point, also have an idea of what you’d like to work on for yourself. In the planner if offer, explore this and make it a month-long goal to work through it – it doesn’t mean you have to complete the goal, just make progress on the goal.


List writing can be useful in cases where we find freewriting uncomplicated. You can also use it as a useful journal organizer for any kind of personal, social, and professional event. Lists can be recorded on a regular basis or can be re-upped periodically by keeping logged items. List writing is much easier than long journal papers or diary documents. The list can challenge you to investigate more depth into the subject by giving you particular focus points.

Planner Idea: After you journal your list, look at a theme within the list. Are you gravitating toward love, money, health, or something else? What can you do to address this? Make this a month-long goal.


A self-care journal page can provide advice or guidance to your soul, so to speak. What is it that you notice? If your self-care writing is based on eating healthier or working out, maybe you’ve gained weight? What is really happening under the weight gain? Why might you start eating more or stop exercising? What should be written about self-esteem can be a part of improving happiness in some ways. Create a journal to improve your self-management by implementing self-care journal ideas.

Planner Idea: Notice where you need to dive deeper, and create your month about this topic, but going far beyond the smoothies and situps.

These are just a few ideas to help give you a foundation if you prefer self-help on your own or want ideas on how to engage in a support group that is more intentional for yourself if you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed with flying on a whim.

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