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There are over 40 million Americans expected to spend Thanksgiving alone; are you one of them?

Maybe you won’t be alone but you might be limited your festivities.

Maybe you always feel alone on holidays.

This post is for you.

How you view your alone time is considerably important. If you feel forced or stuck, you might be focusing on that. Or even if you choose to not distance and you hear others distancing, it might trigger you.

Either way, attitude is everything. I know it’s cliche’ but it’s cliche’ for a reason; because it’s true.

Try to see the holiday as a way to go inward. Instead of the hustle of travel, hosting or visiting, instead focus on going inward.

This is a day you can have some quiet, and spend time focusing on what is right for you. Unlike New Years when everyone focuses’ on transformation, you can focus on self-enrichment.

3 Tips

  1. REFRAME – Reframing the situation helps you to feel more empowered. Instead of feeling stuck or isolated (a holiday tends to exasperate what you feel overall, so if you feel stuck you might feel “more stuck” on Thanksgiving), try to feel like you are giving yourself the gift of alone time. Take a quiet walk,  meditate on healing from a narcissist, decorate your home, cook a nice dinner for yourself and leave plenty of space for leftovers in the fridge.
  2. GET CREATIVE – This is a day you can really spend being very creative. Paint (mermaid art), use charcoals, create a craft, take up a new hobby, or simple doodle. Maybe your creativity might be a project you’ve been meaning to get around to, like creating a capsule wardrobe. (how to create a leveled up capsule from what you already own)
  3. REACH OUT – Yes, you can still reach out. Make a list of people you will call or text each hour for a set number of hours. They might not be available but you can leave them a jovial message and they will know you are thinking of them. It will make you feel good to connect and also know that you’ve brightened someone’s day.( need small talk help? Here…)

Nosy People. OMG.

If you are NOT distancing, you might be dealing with a busy-body… if so, here’s how to cope.

This is a past workshop geared toward Christmas Eve but it applies so well to the here and now.

Have a beautiful, reflective Thanksgiving.



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