Welcome to The Finance Therapist App

I’m glad you’re here. If you are stressed about money, you already know that staying stress-free, having positive relationships, and being financially well can look very different for different people. 

This app offers financial therapy tools and resources to support your unique journey.

It’s like having a financial therapist in your pocket.

Key Features:

  • Finance Fridays: The cornerstone of the app, built around and inspired by the book, How To Heal Financial Anxiety” –Access weekly free resources to enhance your financial wellness.
  • Stress-Free Zone: A supportive, pressure-free environment without shaming or unsolicited services.
  • Engaging Content: Participate in polls, prompts, and discussions to spark meaningful conversations.
  • Interactive Features: Share your journey and insights through threaded conversations and private messaging.
  • Events: Join virtual sessions and in-person events for deeper connections and growth.
  • Community Support:
  • Self-Help: Engage in creativity and mindfulness to heal financial and emotional trauma.
  • Financial Wellness: Learn practical strategies and build emotional resilience through expert discussions and shared experiences.


  • Safe and Monitored Environment: The app is monitored to ensure a safe and supportive space for everyone. We do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, soliciting, promoting outside organizations, or shaming. Please help us keep this community supportive and safe.


  • The app is free but supported by ads.
  • We encourage interaction on posts to foster a supportive community.

Welcome to The Finance Therapist, a journey towards financial wellness and emotional resilience for individuals and couples, including their families.



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