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Limited Supplies until Winter 2021!

This was sent out to our community on Friday AM for the first right of refusal, and now it’s open for everyone!
New pricing since I’m not marketing anymore, I pass the savings to you.

A refresher if you forgot:

  1. Small batch, it’s not a large company with products sitting on a warehouse shelf for months.
  2. 99.9% organic
  3. Vegan
  4. Cruelty-Free
  5. Very high quality
  6. As seen in NYC Fashion Week
  7. As featured on television and numerous magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour, and People!
  8. We comply with the EU meaning, ingredients not approved in Europe, we don’t use.
  9. NO harmful or iffy ingredients. Safe enough for a child to use.
  10. Clients have reported it has helped their psoriasis, dermatitis, and increased vitality to their skin.
  11. Can be used anywhere on the body, developed for the face and neck area.
  12. Psychodermatology developed; I developed this with the support of cosmetic chemists and it was created to serve three functions:
    1. To help women and men love who they see in the mirror.
    2. To increase skin integrity, not be just a topical cosmetic “skincare”.
    3.  To overdeliver for the client so that each of the flagship products serves as a double-duty treatment. Aloe Gorgeous is a mask and a cleanser, or both. Sea Your Truth Serum is a light moisturizer or, a hard-working healing serum.

Home Retreat Skincare

How to Enjoy & Treat

Aloe Gorgeous

To use as a cleanser| Pump a small drop onto your fingertips, and blend into the fingertips then onto the face, in small circular motions. The cleanser will dispense charcoal colored, because there is charcoal infused in the aloe, extracts and oils. When you lather it, it will turn translucent. Rinse.

If you choose to your Aloe Gorgeous as a once a week treatment, you simply apply to a dry face by smoothing in wider circular strokes, and pat near the sensitive areas like under the eye.

Leave on and then rinse/lather off in 20-30 minutes.

Recommended for Dry or Struggling Skin(Including acne prone)|

1x per week, Use Aloe Gorgeous as a wash-off mask, pat dry but allow the skin to retain some moisture, then apply the Sea Your Truth Serum around troubled areas first, then smooth over the entire skin area.

On the other days, use the protocol below or, if you have what would be considered more normal skin, where you are not experiencing a struggle.

Protocol| Cleanse with Aloe Gorgeous AM & PM, applying a thin layer of serum 3x a week, in the morning, and 2x a week, in the evening. (alternate days)

Sea Your Truth Serum

To use as a serum| With dry hands, pump a small droplet onto your fingertip and smooth first on the areas that you wish to target, like the fine lines around eyes or mouth, or any area that might be extra dry or scarred. Then smooth one more drop around the entire face after that sets a few seconds. There is no need to rinse or wash this off. You can even wait five minutes and apply your makeup overtop or stay otherwise natural, and enjoy your day or evening.

Eyes: You can also use this as a night eye treatment.

As a hydrating treatment for the body or, for a child.

With wet hands put one small dollop of the serum in the hand, blend, and apply on the body to address skin struggles and/or to protect the skin, naturally and powerfully.

Adults may need to put 1-2 drops in their palm, children always 1/4-1 small drop.

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