Please use the form below to include your anonymous story about narcissists. Do not use any identifying information about yourself or the people mentioned. This may be used in an upcoming book. Thank you in advance, for sharing and helping spread awareness to the problem of smear campaigns that the narcissist uses.

I am especially looking for stories that highlight how the narcissist used money or power to make you feel unsuccessful or trapped.

Be sure to add

  • How the narcissist wanted you to appear to others
  • How the narcissist wanted to appear
  • How and who they zoned in on to create the group that would be turned against you
  • What did you to do try to defend yourself and how did that turn out (even if you did move on, did the people they were using against you ever see the light of the situation, or did those people sort of want to make “both” of you happy or, just the narcissist?)