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These are not the most “fun” times for most people.

We are in trauma, stress, anxiety and depression, as a globe.

However, this distancing and even in isolation; we are able to look deeply within ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that we should celebrate COVID and present it’s a great teacher, but we should should at least honor it is a mentor of sort.

Only in struggles do we truly see the depth of our healing, of our consciousness.

We can ask for understanding to better see the clarity within the chaos of this pandemic and all that it has altered or, eliminated.

Bringing a meditation or mindfulness practice home, will help you to begin to practice more naturally, the silence that resides within your self-healing and soul.

We are living in uncertain times. There is so much that is invisible, and we are in the unknown. Even those we deem as all-knowing, the scientists, are stumped.

This creates vulnerability.

We are seeing this vulnerability show itself in the costumes of resistance and rebellion.

We are though, a globe of pure hearts. I would like you to meditate on your own anger, fear, confusion and allow yourself to feel the forgiveness from the outside world, to you.

Cultivate refreshing seeds of consciousness.

Anxiety and awe can’t reside in the same place together.

Make sure you water the seeds of compassion, love and understanding.

Namaste Bellezzas!

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