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I’m going to share three stocks I’m loving this week because I love financial therapy and I think it is an important key to unlocking financial confidence. Confidence brings empowerment, security and can bring generational wealth.

Finance therapy concerns itself with emotional and financial security, and more women are becoming financially literate especially because of the times we are living in. Women and money are powerful forces yet all too often, we’ve ignored our desires to be more financially empowered and left it up to our partners or parents.

This is written for the novice who might need financial therapy as they are overwhelmed or do not know how to invest or understand stocks but wants to.

Because I’m all about finance therapy and financial literacy, I’ve chosen three different price ranges, all under $200 at the time of this writing.

Now, remember, if you do not invest, it isn’t hard and I can teach you. 

A good start if you are looking for a book to read this weekend is to visit my books page, here. You’ll get free chapters there as well.

Quick story. Early in the pandemic, I was constantly posting on Facebook about COVID and looking at how people were reacting to my posts and others like it. I was people-watching with a front-row seat on my own “wall” as well as assessing my own responses and feelings to the pandemic as well. I noticed that there were two pushes- those who were looking for solutions, vaccines, medications and those who were on spending frenzies.

Sometimes, those two overlapped.  People were triggered.   

Either way, those posts were the actual first investment of a condo purchased thanks to my investments in Moderna and Novavax; I consider my time and elbow grease researching as part of that investment.

I’m constantly looking at analytics and also, projections. I am not a stockbroker so, note that this is just an opinion.

On that note, here’s what I’m loving this week for December.

First up,  Pfizer. Right now, Pfizer is bullish, meaning a good buy.

They’ve got an antiviral drug in the making which I think is going to blow away the one Merck is trying to push through.

Why does this matter?

Who wants COVID?

No one in their right mind wants to get COVID, yet some people are not interested in vaccination.

Almost everyone is going to be fine with taking a pill if they are suffering.

From a logistics space, vaccinations are time-consuming for staff and the public, expensive, and not very convenient.

They take up a lot of resources.

Vaccines can wane in efficacy.

Sometimes boosters are needed.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they are wonderful and I’m vaccinated; but a pill is convenient, cost-effective, and uses far fewer resources. It is also less intimidating for those who are iffy about mRNA vaccines, so it will cast a wider net.

In a nutshell, pills are efficient.

Hospitals Overwhelmed

Don’t forget that this is also something that’s going to help hospitals to keep beds open, as right now these types of treatments are infusion only.

Pfizer has risen just over 40% in the last year and in the last month, was 20% of that. Their financials are good – a solid company and their experts are top-notch.

Earnings are not as great but with everything else bullish, I’m all in with this stock!

At the time of this writing, it’s $53 a share.

Next up, Vaxxinity

Vaxxinity is one you probably haven’t heard of – they are a combo of two biotech companies, and their motto is “more health to more people” and to “democratize health”, and they are very new. 

They went public I believe in mid-November. They describe themselves as leaders in neurobiology, infectious disease, drug development, and disruptive ideas. I’ve researched most of their lead staff and I think they are a winning team with a mastermind feel to the organization.

Scientists with heart

From their website, “We are passionate about delivering transformational, science-led innovation that is distinctly accessible for all. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, COVID-19, and other diseases don’t discriminate based on where you live or how much you make, and we believe medicine shouldn’t either.”

This one is so new that you can’t expect much in the way of analytics, but they are doing as well as one should expect from a newly formed company in a pandemic. Their stock is mostly on the upswing.

Alzheimer’s and Covid?

It not only has a covid-19 vaccine in the works but they are also close to an Alzheimer’s disease treatment. In my research, I saw one blog that stated that they were fearful as this company has had lots of failures. First, that’s ridiculous because they are speaking about a pre-merger timeframe and logically,  I think that the failures are part of what will bring the magic.

I don’t know a ton of immunologists but I’m pretty sure you fail quite a bit in the lab before you can yell “Eureka!”. 

This one is below $20 per share right now but any breakthrough on any front is going to be fantastic.

Apple. Nuff said.

3. Apple is extremely bullish though their finances are not fantastic (believe it or not!) the earnings, technicals, and expertise are second to none right now. At $163 per share, it’s doable for those who already enjoy investing.

Its stock graph looks like a beautiful mountain with ridges but still not at its center.

Should I make you squirm? Five years ago it was just $27.

Why do I love this one? Because we are more digital than ever and they are a leader in technology.

Our digital ways are not going anywhere, any time soon. I can’t see Apple going downhill anytime soon.

When you look at these you see that women and finance certainly go hand-in-hand as we generally love to explore. Women by nature, are attracted to power, and what better way to exercise that desire than to reframe and review companies? With power is empowerment and with empowerment is financial security.

This translates into a meaningful life. Researching and investing feed my creative soul and I enjoy equipping women with the tools to be successful. I’ve found through my professional life, including the years as a trauma therapist, that what held most women back, and down, was feeling broke and broken.  Diving into personal finance and financial therapy is a way to overcome and rise.

There ya have it. My loves this week. Let’s connect.

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