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Roots Support Group

A place for financial education and exploration self-healing strategies and support for trauma, anxiety, relationship struggles, and confidence building.

Some areas we will explore

  • Boundaries, crafting a foundation of self-worth,
  • Embodiment, where our beliefs, bodies, and money meet,
  • Spirituality & Energetics, discovering the spiritual side of your existence and abundance,
  • Financial Therapy, where the past and inner peace align,
  • Financial Literacy, where prosperity begins,
  • Relationships, fostering connections that honor our essence,
  • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, transcending shadows into healing light,
  • Career & Leadership, as we empower our professional path.
  • Creativity, fostering flow and potential.

Finding Healing and Wholeness Through “Roots”: A Financial Therapy Support Group

Our support group encompasses a wide range of areas but I do want to highlight some key money-mind takeaways above all of the inner child, relationship, trauma, recovery, and anxiety work we will do together:

  • Financial Healing: Discover the profound connection between emotional well-being and financial wellness. Our financial therapy support group equips you with strategies to heal and thrive.
  • Emotional Freedom: Unearth the emotional roots of financial struggles, gaining insights into how past traumas and present conflicts impact your relationship with money.
  • Conflict Resolution: Learn effective techniques for addressing money-related conflicts within relationships, fostering understanding, and building financial harmony.

As you embark on this journey, you’ll discover the transformative power of connection, self-awareness, and healing.

“Roots” is where your struggles are met with compassion, your questions are met with guidance, and your healing is celebrated.

What to expect?

At least (1) monthly interactive (Zoom, Google Meeting, Audio Call) session

At least (1) Q&A or Share

Every month there will be at least one journal prompt added to the themed module.

I hold office hours every week to check your email inquiries and respond through email, lesson, blog, or audio. If questions are similar, I batch them.

Periodic workshops and classes that are member-only for live participation.

Every month, there will at least one activity to nurture self-healing and to build emotional resilience.

Please note that our Live Q&A sessions are designed for informative life coaching and should not be regarded as psychotherapy or group psychotherapy. These sessions offer a platform for discussing trauma and financial recovery concepts, resources, and ideas within a wellness and life coaching framework. They are not a substitute for psychotherapy.

Members have the flexibility to customize their interactive experience, such as choosing not to use their camera or displaying their name as they prefer. However, please be aware that it is the responsibility of each member to adjust their settings to fit the standard meeting format.