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Print this. page or simply write the answers in your notebook or notes section of your phone.

The first part you write what you lack..

My (lack of trust, lack of caring about your selfishness, my lack of connection to my family because of you….)

The things I need to forgive you for: (make a list, it can be no more than 8 items)

Take the four most benign, the easiest to forgive, and cross them out.

Work only on the top four.

Out of these four, put them in order from most hurtful as #1, to least hurtful.

Make a list of the ways you will feel or ways you will know you are healed when you release the pain from that #1 item. Make this list no more than three ways.

Do this for 1-4 (if you have four items, or however many you do have)

Out of those ways you will feel, match up a doable activity that you could do today IF you forgave or released today. For instance, it can’t be “take a cruise” but it might be “book a cruise” if you have the money. It could be and might be best if you do something smaller, like “take a walk and talk to three people along the way, even if it is just “hello”.

Do at least one item on this list NOW, today. Or at the latest, tomorrow.

Report back to your journal; how did it feel to bypass the pain and experience joy or contentment? Did you feel you DESERVED it?

What feelings surround you when you think of celebrating release or healing?

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