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This is going to be a review, with an emphasis on women’s health, of the Cellerciser.

First, I want to bring up that most women struggle in some way with body image and wellness, improving wellness and/or cellulite.

While some cellulite is genetic, the reality is that eating habits are passed through generations as well, so what might look “genetic” is simply family habits.

Cellulite is often a result of eating high fat or a high salt diet, and sometimes, a high sugar diet, more often, not enough exercise that moves lymph. Though not dangerous, it (cellulite) can look unhealthy and cause you to not be happy with your body. Many clients through the years, those who had body image struggles and those who were generally confident in their bodies, both remarked about their cellulite to varying degrees.

I have researched not only cellulite but how women (and men) can remove cellulite and what benefits there might be for them.

While this is a review, it’s not a traditional review.

I have found this company so positive and forthright, that I have partnered with them;  Cellercise. (information below)

NOTE that this is biased because I believe in them. I am not disregarding other companies but I take women’s wellness seriously for myself, in honor of my late mother and in support of my daughter and the many women I work with – so my research was lengthy for several reasons.

  1. I care about my investments in myself and my own wellness.
  2. I do not promote any company I can’t ethically stand behind.
  3. I do not create reviews or partnerships hastily.

From their website, “So what can you do to reduce or prevent your cellulite? You need to stretch and strengthen the areas under your skin that have lost their elasticity or become weak and stimulate your lymphatic system. This is where Cellercise rebounding comes in to save the day.

Rebounding is an isometric exercise, an exercise that tones the body. As you exercise and jump on a mini trampoline, certain cells resist the g-force as the angle of your body changes, and your organs lift while the connective tissue gets stronger. This movement and resistance helps tone muscles, strengthen collagen and firm skin.”

Personally, I have been a fan of fitness rebounders for years but recently decided to level up. 

If you’ve seen my YouTube, you know I’m also frugal. I work a lot with finance therapy and helping women and men get the most for their investments.

I narrowed it down to Bellicon and Cellercise.

Bellicon is considered a high-end (ie, expensive) bungee rebounder. At first glance, I thought I’d want this because it just sounded smooth and safe. 

Not so fast.

  1. I didn’t want a bungee rebounder because I didn’t want to have to replace worn-out bungee cords or purchase something that would leave little bits and pieces everywhere, which I heard of from others.
  2. I also wanted something stronger and not so “touchy”, meaning, if I was going to put down more than an economy cheap investment, I wanted something the entire family could use; with one of the alleged top brands, they were expensive and you’d need a $600 rebounder for each person? Crazy.  AND the upkeep for each? No way.
  3. I also did not want something that was going to create potential ankle or knee issues, which can happen with sagging or worn bungee’s or mats. 

So, after a year of research and testing them out (yes, I went to people’s homes pre-covid!) I decided to get a Cellerciser. 

For me, it was about three major areas:

  1. I wanted to increase my overall fitness and keep my blood pressure low.
  2. I wanted something enjoyable and that I could work cardio, abs, etc., as much one-stop-shopping as possible.
  3. I wanted the best lymphatic drainage possible and bungee rebounders simply can’t come close, regardless of how smooth and quiet they claim to be.
  4. Bonus: It had to be fun. The Cellercise bounce is simply FUN. It’s going to keep me going back and feeling safe. 

About the Bellicon bounce.

I looked at Bellicon. I tried it. It didn’t have as much bounce for me; it sort of “absorbed” me, which after research I learned, also meant it wasn’t giving me as much of a workout, wasn’t doing my lymph any favors, and was risky on my ankles, knees, and back. 

I totally get those people who have them rave often; being a therapist who focuses on finance therapy, I believe that some of them are doing so to justify dropping $700+ on something that may or MAY NOT have been well-researched and bought because of hype. 

I also didn’t love that you had to pay way more for an extra inch or two of mat space; for the price, you should not get a “travel” sized rebounder, but a full size one. 

Also, everything was EXTRA.

I get that a balance bar might be an extra. But the padding around the bungees? My Cellercise came with the padding and a training video.

I’m a fan of luxury, a lover of quality, and disgusted by greed. I mean throw in the padding Bellicon; how much could it honestly be?

The Bounce is Quiet? Hmmm

Another reason I personally did not get one is that well, while they really push the whole “it’s so quiet” aspect, even my super cheap ones that I’ve had were never actually “noisy”. Yes, I had to replace the 99-200 range ones almost annually but they were just losing their bounce not noisy.

Sure, you hear a bounce slightly but you are working out. Just like if you go on an exercise bike or treadmill, you hear movement.  I can hear when someone is walking gently across the floor but it’s not noisy.

I  am not working out at 2AM regularly, so if you are, AND if you live in an upper floor apartment, maybe you do need a bungee.

But if you are working out pretty much right before the sun rises or sets, I think you’ll be fine.

My Cellercise isn’t noisy at all. It makes very little sound and I either am on my app with them or watching a show. In other words, I’m not meditating and requiring silence—nor is anyone else at that time, and what they are hearing is my show, not my jumping. 

Click here for more information.

When you really clear your lymph, when you start to lose cellulite, when you increase your wellness, firm your body, lose weight if you need.. you start to feel better. 

You feel better about yourself, and you manage stress. 

I’m all for promoting Cellercise—let me know if you want me to give you some Cellercise-Therapy videos. 🙂

Let me know if this was helpful or if you have any questions.

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