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I asked for feedback from my community to explore how they feel about organizing.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to dive deeper into how organizing your home and life, can translate into clarity, calm and might even dissolve some childhood emotional struggles you might still unknowingly hold.

You’ll see Tami giving thoughtful feedback on Youtube, and I was very excited to see her forward her tips!

From Tami:

Organization is my fav’ thing!

I actually feel mentally lighter when I organize and donate/sell things I don’t need or use anymore! I am striving for minimalism!!

  • Fridge: I get rid of duplicates, expired items, and I try to keep taller things in the back and smaller things to the front. Smaller condiments can go in the door shelves!
  • Shared closets: I organize sections for each family member. Within that, I organize current season in front and rotate last season towards the back. I also group jackets, coats, athleisure, etc together.
  • Bathrooms: I try to keep only things I use daily on top of the counter, and organize them on a pretty marble tray. All of the things I don’t use daily, or things that are private or not attractive packaging under the sink in baskets.
  • Bedroom closets: organize into husband and my stuff, then within that, I organize by season, keeping the current season in front. Then by work clothes and everyday clothes, dresses, sweaters, pants. Within each of those things are organized by color.

I am very anal about organization, but I guess that comes across loud and clear. This is not an easy feat either, because I live in a house full of males!!! At least the dogs are girls!!

Thank you Tami!

Your thought or tips on organization and how it helps you or what you struggle with? Comment below! Give Tami some comment love, too! 

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