HFA52 is a free outreach financial therapy literacy program using my book How to Heal Financial Anxiety.

*Purchase not necessary*

Friday tips/DIY Guided Book Study


Welcome to How to Heal Financial Anxiety, the free DIY book study that – you don’t even need the book! – this paradigm-shifting program transcends the mundane and stressful world of finances. I am here to guide you on a journey of profound transformation, one that liberates you from the grip of debt or scarcity while nurturing a mindset of abundance and empowerment.

How to Heal Financial Anxiety/52 Weeks of Tips

I wanted to create a free outreach program that gives more backstory, case studies and tips. My book, How to Heal Financial Anxiety” is the perfect companion for me to extract from as a guide for you.

Purchase is not needed unless you choose to dive deeper.

Even if you have the book already, I feel you’ll enjoy the program and find many “aha” moments.

In a society often defined by feast or famine mentalities and get-rich-quick schemes, HFA52 stands apart as a beacon of authenticity and sustainability. I understand the profound pain points that many face when burdened by financial stress- from poverty to wealth.

  • Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck, constantly worrying about making ends meet?
  • Are you in a relationship where you walk on eggshells or are fighting over money?
  • Do you feel suffocated by debt, trapped in a cycle of never-ending payments and high interest rates?
  • Does the thought of your financial situation keep you up at night, robbing you of the joy and freedom you deserve?

With HFA52, you’re not just learning financial strategies; you’re undergoing a soulful metamorphosis. My free program is easygoing in that it offers a holistic approach of weekly tips for 52 weeks, taken directly from the book that I then elaborate upon- that addresses not only your bank account but also your beliefs and emotions surrounding money.

The Program (it’s free)

1.No need to purchase a book but if you want to dive deeper, you can HERE https://amzn.to/3U8L6d9

2. 52 Weeks of Mindful Tips: Follow-up with weekly money mindfulness and practical tips for ongoing support

3. If you are interested in creating a book study for your group or friends, I have options for you to choose from that you will have instant access to.

The HFA52 program is a free outreach program is not meant to supplement psychological or financial support or, to serve as a literacy springboard for financial therapy.