Grow and heal in a customized manner. You know you best.


    Meditations, Hypnotherapy & PDF Printables to support the process.


    Live seminars and workshops, plus plenty of interaction.

    What is WEvolve?

    Maybe you feel stuck or you don’t know where to begin so you do nothing. You might have all the intentions of self-healing but procrastinate or get lost along the way. You are not alone. If you are willing to explore your potential, you have no choice but to transform and heal. You also won’t be alone, hence the “We” in WEvolve.  You get to choose how social and expressive you wish to be.

    WEvolve is about support. One thing that we’ve learned not only in the pandemic but through years of evolutionary psychology, is that we are not islands; we require some type of support, affirmation, and interaction.

    Mostly, it is about self-healing. While I can offer suggestions, you know your situation best. Therefore, I am here to guide but this is a sharing space of equality.

    This community thrives on the philosophy that you are meant to continually evolve and that we do that best, together.

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    What You will Get

    • A private community away from the public eye of Facebook, etc
    • A monthly live or recorded seminar or workshop
    • Monthly challenges to help create inspiration, new habits, and a sense of momentum
    • A monthly live Q&A based on our seminar/workshop
    • A guided meditation, hypnotherapy, or relaxation audio
    • A monthly 5K (walk, yoga, or chore-your way to steps)
    • A monthly money-mindset exercise


    The fee for Wevolve is $24 per month