The Finance and feelings Lab

Science meets personal growth in this transformative lab that encourages self-healing, prosperity and expansion.

The Finance and Feelings Lab

I create sessions tailored to your individual needs.

Reimagining Trauma and Healing

Delve into profound discussions on trauma, betrayal, and healing in our supportive community. Each month, we explore well-researched concepts from books backed by mental and medical journals. Join us as we navigate personal growth and resilience together.

Financial Literacy and Wellness

Empower yourself with essential personal financial knowledge. We provide accessible lessons on personal finance education, ensuring everyone has the tools to achieve financial well-being. Take control of your financial future and thrive.

Creativity. Your new superpower.

Discover how creativity reshapes the brain, reducing stress and offering clarity. Join our therapeutic art sessions, where we explore paintings and composers, unraveling the healing potential of art. Experience the cathartic power of expression as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

What to expect:

  • Unique onboarding process for bespoke experiences.
  • Weekly virtual office hours; I read and return support group emails weekly.

  • – Two engaging class sessions per month: Dive deep into discussions on trauma with lessons in finance and art appreciation.

  • – Bonus sessions: Enjoy additional learning opportunities tailored to your needs.

  • – Comprehensive material: Receive handouts and resources for further exploration.

  • – No book purchases required: Benefit from author-expert insights without the need to read. I bring everything you’ll need to session.

Rooted In Science

Guided by the pioneering principles of Irvin Yalom, the father of group therapy, our support group offers a comprehensive approach to both emotional and financial therapy. We integrate Yalom’s 12 therapeutic factors, such as altruism, cohesion, universality, interpersonal learning input and output, guidance, catharsis, identification, family re-enactment, self-understanding, instillation of hope, and existential factors, ensuring a supportive environment for holistic healing. Additionally, I incorporate contemporary research findings that emphasize the importance of factors like ‘interpersonal learning input’, ‘self-esteem’, and ‘turning point’, both in emotional and financial recovery. My evidence-based approach empowers individuals to address both emotional and financial challenges, fostering personal growth and resilience in all aspects of life.

Join the Lab!

  • (2) sessions per month
  • Trauma & Stress Self-Healing Strategies
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Therapeutic Art Appreciation
  • Drizzled Bonus Content
  • Weekly Virtual Office Hours via Email
No, I do the reading, research and creation of content for you! You never have to purchase or read a book if you prefer not to.

Sessions are PARTIALLY recorded so you will never miss one. They will be sent to everyone in group, a day or two after each session. See below*

No. You share what you want, you may even stay silent, and I encourage you to keep your camera off for extra privacy. Additionally, I do not “call on” anyone, nor do I “peel the scab” of emotions if you do speak. Lastly, we are taking lessons from books and research, so you can interject about the book if you’d like, not sharing anything personal at all. Everyone is respected.

Yes. Everyone is to be respected and I will both exit someone off of the zoom and will not let them reenter, if they create any disharmony. They are then released from group. No second chances.

It is a month-to-month commitment and so you will be able to stop group at any time. You can do so on your own or write to me; I need 15 days notice. Write to me at with the email you signed up with.
Classes are scheduled the second Thursday of every month and the fourth Saturday of each month.

This allows you to plan ahead and make the most of the course.

Times are always 11AM Eastern.

While I use therapeutic strategies, employ book study, share science-backed theories and teach financial education, these sessions should be viewed as classes as the focus is teaching. They are class sessions.

Absolutely, we are here for you. This is a class but participants may share their struggles. While no one is permitted to give advice, anyone can give affirming feedback.
Each session is 45 minutes though each may run as long as 90 minutes if there is enough participation. Plan for 90 minutes just in case.
While I am a therapist, I am create all of my work under the umbrella of coaching and, I am not providing therapy in these support groups, but rather teaching therapeutic strategies.

The onboarding process is unique in that most groups (support, etc) do not obtain much information as they create cookie-cutter sessions. My sessions, I offer you an anonymous form to fill out that helps me to create customized and more helpful session classes and prompts to support your self-healing journey.

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📚 Join us at the Finance and Feelings Lab sessions. We want you to know that only the lesson portion will be recorded, preserving the spontaneity and connection of our discussions. Remember, for housekeeping purposes, please stay on mute unless you’re speaking. If your background is disruptive, it’s best to keep muted to minimize noise distractions.

Life can be busy, and plans may change, but do try to be available on the call versus the recording to get the most out of it.

Our discussions almost always cover adult themes, so if you have children nearby, please understand that our conversations are geared towards adults sharing their experiences.

Save the date(s) and join us for an enriching experience. Your presence and participation make all the difference not only for you but for all of us. 🌟