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It’s a word that has been synonymous with people who don’t want to work for their goals and only create vision boards and chant next to quartz crystals.

Disclaimer. I create vision boards and have crystals.

However, I also work for what I want. When I’ve guided individuals and even companies in the past about manifesting, I had two responses. The first, was the one that connected to the chanting hippie-vibe – and didn’t want to work, the second, the one who was against the chanting hippie-vibe.

Let’s take a look at what both extremes missed out on.

The actual idea of manifesting isn’t creating something external that comes toward you or, creating a false reality that something will magically appear.

It’s instead, creating a magical life. For instance, when you are upset, a frown might “manifest” on your face.

When you spend too much, your bank account might “manifest” a deficit.

Manifesting is simply a way to be. Not a thing to get.

Manifesting is simply a way to be, not something to get. If we want love, we have to be love. If we want success, we have to be success. A part of that might be called “acting” if speaking in an elementary sense, or, it might be called behavior modification, psychologically speaking.

In 2021, we need to be health. We need to be success. We need to be more aware of our emotional health.

Whatever it is you are feeling right now that you might not be comfortable with, you’ve got to be the opposite. It takes time. I’m not asking you to pretend to “be” someone you are not; but begin shedding the habits that got you to where you are now, even if those habits were learned in childhood – like overspending or not eating enough healthy foods.

Instead, alter your behaviors, so that the new behaviors become eventual habits. As you develop positive habits you’ll be spending less energy on those behaviors and have more time and energy to adapt to more positive behaviors.

Manifesting isn’t a quick fix or solved in a vision board. A vision board is a way to give you creative clarity. A quartz stone is a ritual and symbolic. But your drive, determination, and biology will get you closer to what you want and accept what you have.

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