MEET Michele Paiva

Licensed Psychotherapist, Recovery Coach and Certified Finance Educator

I have 30 years of experience in helping others to see their true value, and the truth under their trauma, to love themselves and springboard into a full, rich life.

Studies include lifestyle science (Harvard) and various continuing education through the American Psychological Association as well as having studied and immersed myself in transpersonal psychology, business analytics, and neuromarketing. I’ve deeply enjoyed my time speaking at the American Marketing Association  at various universities throughout the Philadelphia region and being interviewed as a featured expert in the media such as Oprah Magazine, Money, Forbes, and The Washington Post, to name a few.

My first online teaching and group experiences were in the early 2000s where one of my vehicles to reach others was The Body Mind Institute and Daily Om.

While I am a licensed psychotherapist specializing in trauma, narcissistic abuse, as well as finance therapy, I work in the realm of a coach using therapeutic strategies. My licensure is in clinical hypnotherapy as a specialization. Mindset is everything.

If needed, I work with doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, and anyone else on your mental health or medical team.

Michele Paiva, The Finance Therapist


Quiz Yourself.  Find out How You Spend, Live & Love

My hope is that we can define a safe space where you have autonomy and privacy, in which to heal and grow.

I feel passionate about and am an advocate for self-value and equality within diversity.

I am a real estate and biotech investor as well as an angel investor. Buddhism is at the foundation of my work, in fact, I was initiated by His Holiness the Dali Lama in 2013, in New York City. Sometimes I am even referred to as a ” the zen psychotherapist” by the media, because of this focus. I do not take insurance, but my clients are often reimbursed in part or whole, for their sessions, if a medical doctor has referred them to me. As a mentor and coach, I am able to help you self-heal and create the life you desire.

Challenges that I help with…