MEET Michele Paiva

Licensed Psychotherapist, Recovery Coach and Certified Finance Educator

I have 30 years of experience in helping others to see their true value, and the truth under their trauma, to love themselves, and springboard into a full, rich life.

Focus Areas:

  • Transpersonal|Trauma
  • Finance Therapy|Neuromarketing

Partial List of Studies:

  • Harvard |{Post Graduate} Lifestyle Science
  • Wharton | Business Analytics
  • Massachusetts General Hospital | {Benson-Henry Institute} Mind-Body Medicine
  • Hypnosis Motivation Institute | Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • American Psychological Association| Member|Numerous Continuing Education

Partial Media List:

  • Forbes, Money Magazine, Oprah, The Washington Post

Partial Speaking List:

  • Cheyney University, Temple University, The American Marketing Association

If needed, I work with doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, and anyone else on your mental health or medical team.

Financial Therapist, Michele Paiva The Finance Therapist

 Weekly  Self Worth

Insights from the fields of Trauma Recovery & Finance Therapy

My hope is that we can define a safe space where you have autonomy and privacy, in which to heal and grow.

I feel passionate about and am an advocate for self-value and equality within diversity.

I went from struggling financially and in conflict with money to a real estate and biotech investor at peace with money. Buddhism is at the foundation of my work, in fact, I was initiated by His Holiness the Dali Lama in 2013, in New York City. Sometimes I am even referred to as a ” the zen psychotherapist” by the media, because of this focus. As a mentor and coach, I am able to help you self-heal and create the life you desire.

Challenges that I help with…

The Intensive Program


Explore the 90 Day program with self-study or 1:1 options. This intensive program is short enough to be inspiring but long enough to be transformative. Both programs include The Secret Soiree, an online support group that you have unlimited access to, and a weekly email touchstone, “The Muddy Lotus”, to continue your healing journey.

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While the myth of “a 21-day habit” is popular, the actual scientific average of a permanent lifestyle change is 66 days. The 21-day habit was jumped on by self-help gurus from a book published in 1960 by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, who stated that he noticed it took at least 21 days to see changes in his patients; which makes sense as it takes about three sessions (or three weeks/21 days) for most of the backstory and comfort level to surface in new clients.

In my program, you will go through ten sessions spaced more frequently throughout the first two months and then ease out of the program in the last month. This offers 90 days, which is over the average of success for scientific change, according to the European Journal of Social Psychology, which has researched the topic in depth. To add, most people come to the program with a series of habits that they wish to transform, so the extra time is a safety net of support.

The program includes an ebook (Kindle or ePub file) of “How to Heal Financial Anxiety” that we will follow along with sessions. This allows us to have a framework to build upon that dives into the past with neuroscience-based activities that I’ve developed through the years that have been proven to be beneficial to clients. The book comes with a free workbook that you can download or you can use a notebook. Having a book with notes from sessions and activity progression helps you long after the sessions are over and provide a touchstone in between sessions.

You will be invited to the optional support group, The Secret Soiree, which brings a blend of self-help and arts and culture to topics that are often taboo or shame-inducing.

Stress and anxiety often accompany change, so you’ll experience hypnotherapy as well to lighten the stress load.  Each week you will receive digital audio with a different theme, to build upon. They are yours, and it is suggested that you continue to use them weekly at a minimum, for at least three additional months after you matriculate your program.

This is an optional book for you to develop a habit of working toward what serves you and moving away from what does not serve you. You’ll assign monetary values to various activities and learn how to reach “monetary” goals that are actually more subconscious-based.

Additional stress reduction and self-awareness connect to other optional strategies such as Heartmath(certified), Radical Forgiveness(certified), Art (trained), EMDR(trained), Biofeedback(trained), and Clinical Mindfulness and Meditation (certified). These might be a part of our sessions and will be discussed in advance if before being introduced in the session.