MEET Michele Paiva

You Are Worthy of the Life You Desire

I’ve been there. Broke, holding a baby, my relationship crumbling, not knowing what the future would bring.

Focus Areas:

  • Transpersonal Psychology|Trauma
  • Finance Therapy|Financial Literacy

Partial List of Studies:

  • Harvard |{Post Graduate} Lifestyle Science
  • Wharton | Business Analytics
  • Massachusetts General Hospital | {Benson-Henry Institute} Mind-Body Medicine
  • Hypnosis Motivation Institute | Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • American Psychological Association| Member|Numerous Continuing Education

Partial Media List:

  • Forbes, Money Magazine, Oprah, The Washington Post, Best Life, Woman’s World 

Partial Speaking List:

  • Cheyney University, Temple University, The American Marketing Association 

I work with doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, and anyone else on your mental health or medical team if needed.

Financial Therapist, Michele Paiva The Finance Therapist

Licensed Psychotherapist, Trauma Recovery Specialist,

Author and Certified Financial Educator

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Not all money wounds are poverty and debt. Many of my clients are wealthy but stressed.

I went from feeling lost and struggling financially -including failed relationships, a trauma that left me for dead, and having a car repossessed- not to mention pregnancy complications and rising medical bills- to raising a family, and enjoying 25+ years of self-employment doing what I love. I went from being almost homeless to having investment properties. If I can heal, so can you.

Financial Therapy and Emotional Enrichment