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There’s one phrase that the narcissist will never, ever utter, at least authentically.

That phrase is, “It was my fault” and then, create a plan of action to correct their failure toward you.

A narcissist clings to being seen as correct at all costs, and apologizing makes them feel weak.


They can’t fathom what closeness or intimacy looks like and they don’t want it.
When in a relationship with a narcissist, you’ll feel pulled to “help them experience love” or “prove that love exists”, until you realize you and your efforts are not appreciated.

What is it about a narcissist that makes you feel overwhelmed?

They won’t ever genuinely apologize and they won’t truly ever feel anything is their fault.
The grandiose narcissist makes you feel belittled at best, and the covert narcissist makes you feel like you are the reason they “suffer”.

Kiss them goodbye and give yourself the energy you have been honoring them with (that they never appreciated nor ever will).

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