Pay What You Can

Donation-Based Support for Daunting Times

Friends are great for venting to, but you realize that there is bias and you might need a little help after a bit. Also, some problems are just not as easy to solve over a cup of coffee when the conversation flows. Friends are great and you need a support system but sometimes professional help is the answer. While everyone assumes therapy is always expensive, it doesn’t have to be. The purpose of therapy is to offer relief, not grief.

No catch. Many therapists offer sliding scales and while many people do not know this, therapists by ethical oath are obligated to offer some outreach. During much of the pandemic I had offered free services, and before that, I offered ten free hours of outreach a week.  In celebration of the rebrand of my site, and in the mindful avowal of the pandemic and increasing economic suffering nationally and globally, I am offering a unique fee system. You simply pay what you want.  Again, no catch.

My time for the pay-what-you-want sessions is limited but if you wish, I do offer a mentorship that is still quite economical (see link). Additionally, I have the How to Heal Financial Anxiety book (and series upcoming) and the course, which is budget-friendly as well. My passion is finance therapy and my goal is to help as many people as possible to be empowered emotionally and financially. With programs that are accessible, even during a pandemic, it is possible to serve and support a wider group that might normally have not reached out for help.

First, let me state that I realized that the very people who needed my specialized services were often unable to afford me.  I’ve had a very successful and lengthy career. In this chapter of my life, I am able to combine my passions of finance, neuromarketing, and business analytics with psychotherapy to create specialized support for my clients. In addition to my own career, I am an avid investor and do not live “high on the hog”. I have a very simple life and being able to help others brings me great joy. If anything, I came to a crossroads where I could not afford to not provide more outreach.

While the pay-what-you-can program is designed to help those who need the most support, I do not discriminate against those who have financial security. You simply pay what you feel is reasonable, reviewing my traditional fee scale as a guide, which has been between $150-$220 per session.