If you had mostly “A’s, your Archetype is the Worshipper.

A subconscious archetype feels that money will solve problems and that if they
amass enough money, they will feel better.

They also tend to overspend, because they feel “things”
equate to “happy”.

So while they may or may not save, they see credit cards as “having money” and
tend to carry credit card debt even though they have full intention early on, of paying it off.

When debt piles up they either get anxious, numb/in denial, or both.

They like to buy pampering products and they put 200% into love, even with someone who might not deserve 10% of what they are
giving. They give too much of themselves and then get anxious or have to go numb to cope.

If you had mostly “B”, that is the Avoider Archetype.

This archetype feels that they do not deserve money.

They might make money but it goes in one hand and out the other.

They often have poor credit, and not much to show for it.

They often give away money, give away services, they give too much of themselves to people who use them.

This person often feels like a doormat and this propels the feeling of not deserving.

If you were mostly “C” that is the Hyper-Frugal Archetype.

This is a person who prides themselves on cutting coupons, getting deals,
getting “cash back” for spending.

In spite of all of this effort, they shop more than most people or put
more “energy” into shopping than many others.

They want people to see them as savvy, and they
tend to be emotionally told that they are controlling or distant.

They do not give love or affection freely, but it comes from being.

If you were mostly “D” your Archetype is the Status-Chaser.

The status chaser holds a belief that having things that seem out of reach or
special makes them special.

This is a person who loves name brands and might feel that their zip
code also defines who they are as a person.

They want people to see them as successful and feel
that without the externals, they are not valuable on their own.

They have something to prove.

They tend to attract superficial relationships or feel unloved because they tend to buy gifts for people as a
way to show love and this can attract the wrong people, but they can’t see it is their own void
causing the problem.

If you were leaning more toward the “E” your Archetype is the Holy Repeller.

This person feels that money is dirty, wealthy people are greedy and that money is inherently bad.

Where the first archetype is a worshipper this one is holy as well, but in a way that is untouchable to money- literally.

They reject opportunities to gain including finding excuses to not work, earn or save.

They also tend to have “holes” in their wallet, so that money simply drips out or never even makes it in.

These people usually do just enough to stay afloat and often need or wish for help from family, friends, and society, on a continual not temporary, basis.


If you had more than one group, we need to work on your totals.

Take a look at your totals now.

If your total was below 3, in any particular group, you are in a pretty good place and would benefit from a minor shift in mindset. At the same time, you might need to add a bit more of this archetype to balance out a bit.

If your total was between 4-11, you could benefit from self-help or group support experiences.

Many people leaning more than 6+ might need to do some deeper work.

If your total was 12 or above, you would most certainly benefit more from a 1:1 experience along with a self-help and group support experience.

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