Wealth Within & Rewards Within

Sign up here and share this page to begin the Wealth Within women’s movement for inner and financial wellness, and to earn rewards for your support.

You will receive:

  • Weekly insights & education in the fields of trauma and finance therapy
  • Accrue rewards as you refer
  • Member-only events

What you get immediately when you sign up:

  • A virtual 3-day immersion retreat that you can enjoy at any time.
  • A free chapter of Heal Financial Anxiety in a pub file to use on any device.
  • A downloadable bookmark & computer wallpaper in a gorgeous floral design.
  • A downloadable self-value quote to use as a phone background or to print & keep handy (mine is framed & on my side table in my office).
  • Automatic access to the Rewards Within program (see below).
  • Weekly updates, inspiration, and information on the field of Trauma Recovery & Finance Therapy and, living well.

Rewards Within

The “Rewards Within” program is a free program to reward and give recognition to ambassadors who support and refer my outreach, namely the Wealth Within outreach program, which includes the free weekly newsletter and events that you’ll help me develop throughout the year.

Some of the rewards to expect:

  • A 12-month wellness planner that inspires and motivates
  • A budget-savvy “Staycation” guide to encourage safe, emotionally rewarding, and enriching experiences.
  • A “Ladies Night In” Gathering on Zoom – with me- in a topic that you and I choose together for your guests!
  • Books, 1:1 sessions, Ambassador recognition for the Wealth Within outreach program & more