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Get ready for a free virtual 5K!

This December instead of stressing and over-spending, let’s save and celebrate!

First, you’ll download the challenge(Click the red)The Silver and Gold Health and Wealth Challenge

For the movement/race, it is ANYTHING you want.

  • It’s about 12,500 steps to get to a 10K, and you have the entire month of December!
  • Just log your steps and activities. As a frame of reference, one hour on a stationary bike is about one mile in “walking steps”.
  • A yoga class equates to about 45 “walk” steps. 
  • It does not have to be all at once
  • Check with your physician
  • Even if you are bed-bound, move those arms around! 
  • All movement counts- Challenge yourself, with compassion.

So, as you log miles during the week, log your self-care and log your savings, you literally “earn”.

Ways to save

  • Simply budget more
  • Sell items
  • Increase earnings
  • Meal plan more
  • Don’t overspend
  • Walk when you can versus city transportation
  • You do not have to do these in order and you can adjust the goal post of the daily $5 savingsSome people will want to save more, some will be on such a tight budget that $5 for the month will be a problem. Do what you can. I created it for you to customize, it’s not in stone.

NOW -grab your first “race bib” (click the red) Can’t catch me 5k

When you log in 3.2 miles, you are ready to start the 10K!

Then you’ll come back to grab your second “race bib” (click the red) The Silver & Gold 10K

Along the way – from start to finish, please tag me on Instagram at @PaivaPsych

When you show me you’ve finished, you’ll be in the Silver & Gold Challenge 5k & 10K club, and you’ll get your Downloadable “medal” (for fun) and a printable certificate of accomplishment, in early January.

Remember that this is a free, virtual 5K and while there is no shirt or medal, it is budget-friendly and still motivating. This is a true sense of community so sign up below to get on the newsletter to get updates and more.

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