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As a certified hypnotherapist, it will appear biased if I begin listing all of the benefits of hypnotherapy. Instead, I will list links that support hypnotherapy.

While many counselors take a weekend workshop to learn therapy, I devoted almost two years to hypnotherapy, trauma, smoking cessation, handwriting analysis, child trauma, PTSD, and more. I have also taken many certifications including HeartMath and Radical Forgiveness to more readily be present to help clients through their own self-healing.

Mindset is everything and your esteem and worth are a compass that navigates you through your life (as I’ve said for years) – yet, we often forget that influence of society is a hypnotic effect unto itself. Trauma, fear, anger, relationships – these all begin and end, in mindset. What happens in between, is up to you.

Note that in the Penn blog, I do not know of anyone nor do I use, a swinging watch in my practice; I guess stock photos are hard to come by for hypnotherapy :/


The Cleveland Clinic


The Mayo Clinic


Harvard Health



If you have any questions about hypnotherapy I would love to explore this with you, if this might be right for you.


Note that if you feel self-harm or that you might harm someone else, hypnotherapy is definitely not right for you at this time – and you must see a clinic or contact 911 immediately.

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