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Not every item on this list is money-focused (the first few are), but every item will certainly save money, time or energy.

Each comes at a price tag below $20.
I tried to stay as low as possible on each idea without sacrificing quality.
Some of these items are my personal most favorite items that I’ve bought for myself or others.

{1} Reusable Envelopes

This is a great gift for anyone who has been talking about budgeting. I get that many people do everything online but there is a thrill to feeling that envelope padded with savings and actually “seeing” your money grow!

Idea: Decorate a shoe box or basket for ongoing storage for the envelopes and put $10 in one of them as an added surprise. 


  • BUDGETING BECOMES EASY|cash envelope system make budgeting a more pleasurable activity. Each package includes 12 cash envelopes, 12 budget sheets and 30 label stickers.
  • TEAR AND BEND RESISTANT: The smooth material helps to insert the edge into the slit, prevents to tear the envelopes.
  • WATERPROOF AND DURABLE: Budget envelopes are made of pearlescent material paper to make sure they serve you for a long time, which are reusable envelopes for our kids or family.
  • 12 UNIQUE PATTERNS: Budget envelopes with a unique look allow you to differentiate between them easily. Mark the label sticker on each budget envelope according to your needs.
  • MONEY AND RECEIPT ORGANIZER: 7 X 3.2 inches envelope is suitable to store cash coupons and receipts. It is small enough to put into a purse or clutch wallet perfectly, which are lightweight and allows you to carry them around.

{2} 600 people gave this Rainy Day Shadowbox high ratings! This would be cute to add money as well as positive self-value sayings.


Here is a quote from someone who. has one. “FUN!! I LOVE IT!!! A great gift. Easy to install on wall, table, or mantle. It is well made. The packaging was great! No worries about breakage. YOU CAN ENJOY SEEING THE MONEY THAT IS COLLECTED!!”

{3} Digital Coin Counter! This is great for a laundry room or any room. Especially if you have a water cooler or have access to one you can recycle (ask your neighbors or friends on Facebook, I bet someone local you can have).

Not only will you save money, but you’ll be organizing your home and, an added boost of recycling a plastic container.

{4} Kids Cash Saving Learning Toy. This is so needed! There are very few times that children get to understand the importance of understanding how to save, spend and give. (Heck, many adults haven’t mastered it). 

So, why not start your little one out with a great new hobby and teach the value of money, the value of philanthropy and the excitement of spending responsibly.

{5} For even younger children, this recognition game will be enjoyable as well as serve as a springboard to life skills. Plus, it’s fun for everyone!

{6} Monthly Money Planner …I am obsessed with this planner. Money-saving has never been more fun and, beautiful! Such an elegant planner.

Journal starts with 2 pages for setting your yearly financial goals, identifying your motivation, and creating an action plan. There are 2 pages for tracking savings, 2 pages for debt tracking, followed by 12 months of monthly budget planner and expense tracking. Each month gives you space to categorize and keep track of all your expenses. It also includes a monthly review so you can keep track of your progress each month! Plus, stickers and extras and more.

{7} Not all planners are the same. This planner is classic and classy and is packed with affirmations and artwork. It’s gender-neutral so it’s great for men, women, professionals… everyone

EXPERIENCE SOPHISTICATED + HIGH QUALITY – Beautiful black and gold durable hardcover with artwork & affirmations. Ideal for both women and men, perfect for entrepreneurs, professionals, college students and everyone who has a desire to be on top of their budgeting

Also-Easy to navigate and simple pages, designed to reduce stress, and clarify monthly incomes and savings

{8} I love these. Freshware Food Storage. Stackable and food portion control so they help save money and, save your health.

  • LEAK-PROOF FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS: Freshware deli containers will keep your food in place without ever creating a mess. Lids are airtight and leak proof. Great for both liquid and solid food. Enjoy your favorite food on the go!
  • PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP:  high quality BPA free food-grade materials so as to ensure safe food storage. They are non toxic, durable, resilient and ready to withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • CONTROL YOUR PORTIONS: Now you are in charge of your portions. Freshware plastic food containers will help you control your portions and facilitate weight loss. Perfect for 21 day fix, healthy eating, meal prepping, weight watchers, men, women, athletes, fitness and more.
  • EACH PACKAGE INCLUDES: 50 BPA free plastic food containers 8 oz. They are generous in size but not bulky at all. Carry, stack or store your food in style. These lunch containers are microwavable, freezer and dishwasher safe. Hassle free cleaning is for real

{9} Organic baby pajamas and play wear, in a variety of colors. If you haven’t experienced Burt’s Bees baby clothing, you don’t know what you are missing. I buy these for my grandson religiously. They are exceptionally soft and cozy. The quality is second to none.

PS. because of their high quality, they have a great resell value or can be saved for generations. 

{10} Pamper him or her with a cozy face mask that doubles as a hat or scarf. I just love this.  I feel like this looks three times the price! This is a sought after- well-loved gift that the recipient will know you care about their health and style 🙂

{11} Saffron – the rarest and most exquisite .. what a special gift even for the minimalist in your life or for someone who has everything.

  • All-Purpose Pure Saffron – Hand-selected from the purest, highest-quality saffron this all red saffron spice is 100% natural and organic to ensure powerful support you can enjoy in cooking or beverages.
  • Anti-Aging Antioxidants – Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants this is more than your standard saffron supplement. It can even help boost your mood or may alleviate digestive or PMS issues.

{12} Activity and Comfort slippers. If the female in your life loves yoga, barre, pilates or someone who likes comfort while at home, these slippers are amazing! They are comfortable (I own some) and nonslip. Many of us are not in heated yoga classes so this keeps our feet warm while we chaturanga dandasana or, while we grande plie in barre class.

{13} Do you know someone who loves organic skincare? As a former psychodermatologist and cosmetic chemist, I can tell you that the best for your skin is organic and homemade. The less time any skincare is on a shelf, the better. Plus, most skincare can easily be made with items from the kitchen, and stored in the fridge for an amazing anti-inflammatory experience. 

This is a great gift for anyone who loves skincare!

{14} The gift of a spa at home. Who would not want to experience that? Many times when money is tight or in times of crisis, we forget life’s little splurges. This is a great gift for the person who has been working hard at home or at work (or both) this year- or anyone who you want to have a winter of rest and pampering.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Infuses Bath Water With Vitamins + Minerals
  • An Aromatherapeutic Blend Of Ylang-Ylang And Vanilla Calm The Senses For A Truly Calming Bathing Experience
  • Truly Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free
  • 8 oz | Glass Jar

{15} For the tea lover. A tea pot that allows the visual of any blooming tea, and to see the beautiful colors of tea as they steep. Tea is comforting in the winter and will make the recipient feel pampered all year long.

{16} Speaking of Blooming Tea 🙂 Click the link to see the blooms! 

{17} For your coffee lovers! Even if they are using K-cups, pods or drip, there’s always time on the weekend for a French Press.. and for under $20? Unheard of!

{18} A smoothie maker. UNDER $20! YES! My son uses this one and loves that you can blend and go. It’s not messy and it’s great for someone who wants easy cleanup. It comes in a variety of colors.

{19} For the Couples in your life! As opposed to a book about saving a relationship, this is a fun-filled book for couples so it won’t be insulting at all. It’s there to celebrate the couple!

{20} When in doubt, a gift card.

If $15 is too much, Amazon also has $10 gift cards.  Everyone loves a gift card! If you have it in your budget, your frontline workers would really appreciate this as well as anyone else!

I hope you liked this roundup. Let me know if you’d like a specific one and I’ll be your personal shopper with another 🙂

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