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This trauma recovery and emotional healing workshop (video below or here) is all about childhood trauma in adulthood and ways that we can learn how to heal.

Exploring winter and an inner-light, we can initiate self-healing.



Phrases to think about/journal-

There is no growth without feeling

Children not loved for who they are, do not know how to love themselves as adults

As adults, we have to find the lost child within

Only by discovering and loving the lost child within, can we hear our authentic voice

If power was disguised as love growing up, you will have a hard time understanding love without strings attached or feeling stifled in loving gestures.

1. Phrases you might have not heard or experienced in action-

  • I Love You
  • I Hear You
  • You Did Not Deserve This

2. Dream Commitment

3.a -Identify archetypes that we can activate for healing

3.b -Story, which archetypes do you connect with from the Cherokee (adapted) story?

4. What does your inner child need to hear?

5. What is the “pine” in your life (the sticky uncomfortable healing space?)

6. How can you honor your dreams?

7. Nurture Yourself (ideas) – Yin Yoga, Bath, Enjoy moonlight, Light a candle, take a morning walk

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