Unlock Deeper Connection with “Us for Couples” Financial Therapy Program

Are you:

  • Tired of money arguments?
  • Seeking to strengthen your bond? Rekindle intimacy?
  • Release financial anxiety?

Experience a year of handpicked date night activities to reignite your spark and nurture your emotional intimacy. But that’s just the beginning! US  focuses on financial intimacy and literacy, offering benefits beyond your bank accounts.

What to Expect


  • Arguments Over Money

  • Impulsive Shopping

  • Buyers Remorse

  • Partner Blaming for Finances

  • You Feel Financial Shame

  • Hiding Purchases

  • Extended Family Intrusions

  • Money Stress as a Couple


  • Increased Intimacy

  • Financial Alignment

  • Support for Reclaiming Financial Wellness

  • Understand the Psychology of Love & Money

  • Explore Couples Financial Wellness

Experience Emotional

& Financial Intimacy

The Program:

  • 12 Module Program over 6 Weeks

  • Couples Intake Form & Review via Email

  • 12Weekly Lessons

  • 12 Intimacy-Building Activities

  • Q&A During The Program

  • 12 Months of Financial Intimacy Date Night Ideas

  • EnRiched Newsletter

Breakdown of the 12 Weeks

Short lessons that nurture intimacy and positive financial outcomes.

Module 1-Healing

  • Introduction to Financial Therapy
  • Money and Emotions
  • Perceptions
  • Communication

Module 2-Fiscal Wellness

  • Assess Finances
  • Financial Goals
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Debt Recovery Plan

Module 3-Growth

  • Saving and Investing
  • Financial Resilience as a Couple
  • Managing Risk and Insurance
  • Estate Planning and Legacy

Plus, a year of financial therapy approved date night ideas. 


$99Full Pay Discount


$50for (3) months


37over (3) months