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Are you aware that impulse buying and overspending often stem from deeper emotional factors such as trauma, anxiety, or depression? This program was meticulously designed to shed light on these coping mechanisms and empower you to reclaim your resilience and financial security. Want to learn more about how we can help you on this transformative journey?

Are thoughts of your past relationship, especially with a challenging partner, consuming your mind? Do you find yourself feeling emotionally and financially drained, yearning for security? This program offers a nurturing hand to guide you through this process, helping you tap into your inner strength and creativity, reigniting the person you were before the trauma. Intrigued? Let’s explore how this program can transform your life for the better.

Are financial arguments straining your relationship, leaving you longing to reignite the spark? Does the burden of financial woes darken your home life? My program, born from years of experience with couples like you, offers a transformative journey. Discover how these couples, once on the brink,  crafted new, uplifting love and money stories. Ready to explore how this program can breathe new life into your relationship, too?



To ensure that we are a harmonious fit, all 1:1 sessions commence with a thorough intake consultation. This initial step is followed by a comprehensive follow-up consultation, assuring that your unique goals and aspirations are met with the utmost care and attention. Your financial well-being and personal growth are paramount in this bespoke experience.

Support Group

I offer a subscription-based support group, cancel-at-anytime, at $24. per month.


My availability for personalized 1:1 sessions is intentionally limited, delivering a bespoke coaching experience that epitomizes exclusivity and luxury.


Within this framework, I offer a meticulously crafted program designed for couples, aptly named “Fiscally Ever After.” This immersive three-month journey (plus a year of monthly financially enriching date night activities) is tailored to enrich your financial lives and relationships, priced at $900.


My rates for those seeking individual sessions begin at $180 per session. Most clients are struggling with money in some way, victims of financial abuse, financial abusers looking to reform, leaders, and C-suite executives. However, I understand the value of commitment, so I offer packages that extend substantial discounts, ultimately reducing the per-session fee to as low as $60 in select cases.

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