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What does it mean to raise your heart vibration and how can you?

Before you read further, if you did not view the accompanying video, please do so first. Give yourself about 20 minutes and some alone time, for the exercise within the video.

Now that you’ve reviewed the video….

Worksheet to further your practice.

  1. Carve a space in your schedule, daily, spend at least 5 minutes a day in the fusion exercise inspired by the longer exercise in the video.
  2. At least once a week, skip ahead to the exercise area of the video (a timestamp is included in the description of the video) to do the entire thing with your own keywords but also, you may use “Peace and Calm” as a good global support duo.
  3. Track yourself over three weeks. Day one should be how you feel, day 21 should outline how you feel. If you’ve done this in a committed way, you should sense a huge shift by that point- in which I want you to….
  4. Take it up a notch. Make your validation statement more detailed. So instead of say, “Peace and calm” maybe it is “Peace in my body weight and calm in my relationships” (but do NOT do this too soon or it won’t work (usually).
  5. If you did NOT feel a difference yet after 21 days, use only ONE word, and make it global, meaning more general. So, instead of Peace AND Calm, make it either Peace, calm or one other vague feeling you wish to embody.

Please comment on the video and report back on the video as well, because that is where I can best communicate with you on this topic/video/lesson plan!

Have a beautiful day!


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