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Narcissists are attracted to anyone who might give them energy.


They often have a few people they are gleaning attention from, so it isn’t so much that they are attracted to you, they just want to collect people to get their energy, not to have a (meaningful) relationship with.

This is a problem, because I’ve heard people say things like “I don’t know what it is, I just seem to attract narcissists” or “Narcissists love me” or “I must have a sign on me that says “welcome narcissists”.

Not the case. Narcissists are like bottom feeders; they lurk around, observe and try to get their claws into anyone and everyone that they can. If you don’t see the signs early on, you end up in a relationship of some sort with them, and it’s hard to unhook their claws, as you probably know.

Additionally, because what they are inherently doing is abusing you, they are molding you to feel weak and render you unable to leave easily.

I am writing a series (noted by the blogs wit the green/gold PAIVA logo) of short answers to common questions, like above, but my youtube channel has expanded videos on the topic. 

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