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This is a short blog to give a quick answer on why the narcissist is insecure.

At their worst, they have no sense of self and glean identity and esteem at the sacrifice of others.

They see others as competition and thus, are always feeling less-than or a need to one-up the other.

At their best, they are human and we all have insecurities.

Narcissists often use money as an equalizer or a way to one-up the competition (anyone and everyone is their competition). Yes, you are competition to them even if they abuse you, use you, are married to you, are their child or they are your child. Everyone is the competition to them and therefore, everyone makes them insecure. So, they are “so” insecure because they are always in competition.

Don’t try to fix them.

Don’t try to make the narcissist feel secure.

Don’t try to “save” the narcissist.

These are what they want to further abuse you and take your energy, time and often, your money. Steer clear of a narcissist the best you can.

I am writing a series (noted by the blogs wit the green/gold PAIVA logo) of short answers to common questions but my youtube channel has expanded videos on the topic. www.youtube.com/michelepaiva

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