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There are a few ways to work together

Options (click each link)

Mentorship Intensive *A four week program

Outreach (Pay what you can)

Heal Financial Anxiety Course

Buy the Book

Also, corporate options – email at

I know that therapy or coaching is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Some people prefer a more laid-back and hands-off approach with support, others a more intensive immersion. You may find links in the menu above or, you may use the box below to explore options.

Here is a sample path some people might find most beneficial.

  1. The free 3-day immersion and a free chapter of the book. This gives an overview and a starting point.
  2. The book, How to Heal Financial Anxiety. This is a hands-off approach but allows you to navigate on your own. You’ll get an idea of where you might want support later on, if at all.
  3. The course. The course is a program that is a stand-alone or accompaniment to the book. This will help you to dig deeper into your psyche and offers additional creative strategies.
  4. The pay-what-you-can session. This is a limited-hour, limited availability program meant to give you a session (or few) to help you over an immediate struggle and develop a plan.
  5. The Mentorship. This is a dedicated program meant to help you dig deep and have ongoing support in an immersion focus. Once a client has finished the mentorship, they may repeat it with approval as I have limited space in my schedule for any 1:1 work.