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Financial therapy is a form of therapy that I infuse into my trauma therapy work as I am on the philosophy that women especially, need more support in becoming not only emotionally but financially empowered. 

Unlike strange get-rich-quick mentalities or simply budgeting or coupon cutting, we dive into the money story, the self-value story, and the healing story- to get the love and life you desire.

Please feel free to email me at Hello@TheFinanceTherapist.com if you have any questions!

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Did you ever catch yourself doodling during a tense moment, sometimes drawing lines or circles, or the same pattern over and over?

You may not have realized it, but you were using a simple form of art therapy. While I am not an art therapist, I use art infused with my self-healing support group and in my free newsletter; so if you would like to see how creativity can release you, you will soon begin getting updates and prompts, at no charge. 

Art has been used through the ages to help us express what words cannot, and help us process what seems overwhelming.

Drawing and coloring can be a powerful resource for anyone seeking new ways to manage anxiety symptoms.

Don’t worry about talent –  you don’t need any special skill to give art therapy a try.

I am also of the belief that healing does not have to be morose or mundane. We connect and even sometimes laugh, through the healing process.

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