Welcome to my portfolio
Tools that I use daily:
  • Grammarly
  • SurferSEO
  • Keywords Everywhere
Content Creation, iRestify
My work with iRestify has been to help the new leadership in creating more of an online brand, with increased SEO in their blog. Some of the posts are mine, others have been revamped (and I’m still working on revamping most of them)
Here is one specifically mine from top to bottom, to give you an idea.
I am building my new website traffic as well. An example of my writing can be found here.
Elephant Journal Promo for Bryan Kest
Journey Through Risk and Fear (was to be ghostwritten but Bernie Parent wanted my name on it. I wrote his life story under the direction of his manager, Dean) The book was used as a giveaway at Flyers events for Bernie, who was a hall of fame Flyer and still a mainstay at Flyer events.
How to Heal Financial Anxiety (my own book, just released) It has an option for you to see the first chapter so you can get an idea of my writing style when it is casual-informative) This book was created not only to help others but to etch my brand a bit more deeply. It is part of my overall content marketing plan.